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Boston College Football 21 Questions: How Will Chase Rettig Perform In 2013?

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Rettig has one more season with the Eagles, how will it end?


If you have read any of the previews, one of the constants regarding Boston College is the predicted solid play by senior quarterback Chase Rettig. Now in his fourth (3rd and a half) season as a starter, Rettig has improved year after year, even with questionable line play, running backs, and coaching staffs. On the other hand he has made some questionable passes, and some decisions have to be questioned. This year he should have a full compliment of weapons to be successful, including new coaches an All ACC wide receiver, and a line that should be vastly improved.

In terms of coaching, Doug Martin is gone and Frank from Hingham is off watching baseball, both of which should be beneficial to Rettig. Martin's spread system last year put a lot of pressure on the junior quarterback, and Rettig was asked to pass all season long, on a high majority of plays. This would have been fine if a) Rettig had an offensive line that could block effectively and b) he had wide receivers that didn't struggle with drops all year. He had both, and in return he ended up spending most of 2012 on his keister.

The other big improvement for Rettig is that the coaching staff understands the need for balance, something that was lacking last year. The health of Andre Williams, or the emergence of Tahj Kimble/the freshmen, will be crucial to the success of Rettig. If BC goes out with an aerial circus they could be in a lot of trouble, they need to establish the line of scrimmage and run the ball effectively. This should help the defense stay off the field, and keep the time of possession in favor of BC, which is vital. Also running the ball should help with third down situations, and goal line scenarios. If Rettig just chucks it again, close games could sway in the opponents favor.

In the end these factors may help Chase Rettig, but it also may put a damper on his statistics this year. If he isn't throwing the ball 40+ times a game, his statistics won't be as gaudy. The true measure of how successful he is this year is the amount of interceptions he throws. Bad decisions and rushing passes have haunted Chase, but hopefully with less pressure in his face, and a solid running game, the number of INT's will significantly decrease as well.


With a little over two weeks remaining until the kickoff of the 2013 season, we want to let you the readers voice your opinons. Every day from now until the kickoff on August 31st against Villanova, we will feature a question that we are looking for you the readers to answer.

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Here is today's question:

Last season Chase Rettig finished with solidly in the middle of the pack of ACC quarterbacks finishing 6th with 3055 yards, and 8th with touchdowns thrown. Where will Rettig finish the 2013 season in both of these statistics.

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