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BC Low on ACC Totem Pole in Merchandise Sales

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Boston College is #56 on the Collegiate Licensing Company's merchandise sales list for 2012-2013.


The Collegiate Licensing Company announced its top 75 schools for merchandise sales in 2012-2013 on Monday, and Boston College clocked in at #56 on the list.

ACC schools' rankings:

3. Notre Dame*

9. North Carolina

21. Florida State

24. Clemson

27. VA Tech

31. Syracuse

34. Duke

37. Miami

45. Maryland*

47. Virginia

52. Pittsburgh

56. BC

*Kind of.

It's good to know that we beat Wake Forest (#TheRivalry), and NC State (facilities tho), but that's obviously not a very high mark for BC.

A couple of questions in regards to this:

1) Are you surprised by this, or is this what you would expect? My perspective is obviously blurred a bit by the fact that I live in Boston, but I always feel like I see a pretty good amount of BC merchandise around, even when I'm not in Boston.

2) Was BC higher on this list before football and basketball went down the tubes? I've been unable to find historic data, other than some previous top 10 rankings.

How often do you see BC gear where you live?