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Boston College Football 21 Questions: Best Case/Worst Case Scenario For 2013

What do you think would be the best case and worst case scenarios for this upcoming season?

Jared Wickerham

Earlier today in Joe's morning Link Dump, he threw in a post that SBNation wrote up entitled "Best-Case/Worst-Case" which laid out the ceiling and floors for all ACC teams. I thought the post was really good, but I wanted to look at how I would view the best and worst case scenarios for BC.

Best-Case. Given that all-purpose hopelessness of the last two years, it's easy to forget how sturdy Boston College seemed when Frank Spaziani and his sad mustache were abruptly elevated to the top job back in 2009. At that point, the Eagles had put together ten consecutive winning seasons, easily the longest streak in school history, and played in back-to-back ACC title games under Spaziani's former boss, Jeff Jagodzinski. (Only one of which involved Matt Ryan.) In 2012, the seniors who signed up in those years bowed out with a single conference win and a last-place finish in the Atlantic Division.

At least Spaziani's overdue exit offers a glimmer of hope that the pendulum is swinging back in the right direction: If B.C. can sweep division peers Wake Forest, N.C. State and Maryland, the former two at home, a bottom-rung bowl game is back on the table. The Kraft Fight Hunger Bowl has never sounded so un-depressing.

I agree with many of the points that Matt Hinton (the author of the post) came up with. First off, the ceiling for BC is going to have to include some wins against like programs (N.C. State, Maryland and Wake), however Hinton leaves off a big one, one I think they should win. Syracuse. I would say that three out of the four against these teams and wins over Army/New Mexico State and Villanova should be considered a solid season and would keep us the fans happy.

However I asked for ceiling, and while some may shout "OUR CEILING SHOULD BE 14-0 AND A BCS CHAMPIONSHIP", that is a tad unreasonable. I would say for BC to hit their ceiling they need to do all I said above, as well as beat one of the following: Florida State, Clemson, USC, UNC or VT. Is that possible? I think so, if the team stays healthy and they play tough.

So maybe I am looking through rose colored glasses, but I think the ceiling for this team, and it would be an epic season would be 8-4 and a mid level bowl. Could happen, but lots of chips would have to fall into place.

Worst Case:

Worst-Case. If the Eagles have a move to make, it will have to come in November: Prior to that, there's not much flex in a schedule that clusters the five most unwinnable dates on the slate (USC, Florida State, Clemson, North Carolina, Virginia Tech) in a span of six games. Get through that with bowl ambitions intact, and three of the last four are on the road, including must-win trips to Maryland and Syracuse. The 2012 team didn't win a game away from home, and aside from a weird, mid-November excursion to New Mexico State, the prospects for the 2013 edition breaking the streak aren't much better.

I know this is the part of the article that BC Eagles fans will not want to hear about. Boston College has a TOUGH slate of games this year, and as Hinton says that many of them are about as unwinnable as it gets. The biggest question mark this season will be the health of the Eagles. If Chase Rettig goes down with an injury all those question mark games (NC State etc) will become all that more unlikely of a win. Honestly, if Rettig goes down, BC has no one with any game experience, and while throwing Josh Bordner or MacKay Lowrie out there might be interesting, this is a really hard schedule for someone to learn the speed of college football on the fly. There are quite a few other players that need to stay healthy as well including but not limited to Matt Patchan, Alex Amidon, Kevin Pierre-Louis, Steele Divitto and Andre Williams.

The other possibility is that BC just isn't completely healed from the years of malaise and might be in games, but won't have enough in the tank to win them. I don't want to imagine it, but a year full of close losses would be tough to swallow. But it could happen.

With injuries, a lack of experienced depth, and a murderer's row of a schedule, you have to imagine that a 3-9 or 4-8 would be the worst case scenario going into this season.


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Here is today's question:

What is the best case and worst case scenario for this upcoming season?

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