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Boston College Daily Links: We're #64!

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Plus: Had you heard that Addazio has a lot of energy? Because there are some folks in the media who want you to know he has a lot of energy.

Bob DeChiara-US PRESSWIRE Preseason 126 -

Being #64 is generally pretty awesome in college basketball, but it's not really what you're looking for on the gridiron. But honestly, being ranked #64 here on CBS's preseason ranking of all D1-FBS teams is not so bad. It's higher than many have us picked, and we're the only team in that vicinity who had such a horrible season last year.

Men's Basketball To Host Toledo, FAU In 2K Classic - BCEAGLES.COM

Speaking of basketball, officially announced that Toledo and FAU will be making the trip to Conte Forum to face BC in the preliminary round of the 2K Classic. You better hurry up and get your tickets now. Meanwhile, in Storrs...

UConn to host BU, Detroit in 2KSports Classic - Hartford Courant

...if you hear the sound of voices begging for the apocalypse, that will be me and Mr. Salzano while BU plays UConn in basketball. (Actually, the best bet is going to be to just ignore the existence of that game. Sounds like a plan.)

New coach Addazio shakes up Boston College - Yahoo! Sports

Another stock "new energy!" article, but this one has a great money quote:

The moustache is familiar, but everything else about Boston College coach Steve Addazio is a departure for a team that had grown accustomed to Frank Spaziani's laid-back ways.

Boom! And by laid-back, you mean bad, right?

BC will use aggression to solve problems - ESPN Boston

"Laid back" would also be a valid answer to "what did the secondary do on that last play?" during the Spaz regime. Coach Brown is ready to change the culture of BC's defense, and this article about it is sure to send a happy shiver up 74's spine.

"The first thing when I think of Don Brown is aggressive football," senior defensive end Kasim Edebali said. "You walk into a meeting, and he makes sure that you are gonna play aggressive football. He wants you to be a dude, first of all, like he always says. And he has schemes from every angle just trying to get after the other team.

"I love it. I just love getting after people, high-intensity, high-motor defense, aggressive, physical," said Edebali.

Best-Case/Worst-Case: Game by Game in the ACC Atlantic - Football Study Hall

The fantastic folks here in the SBNation network continue to provide better college football preview content than you'll find in any of the magazines, with Football Study Hall taking a game-by-game trip through the ACC season. Their writeup on BC is pretty good.

Reality. For awhile, at least, it might be nice to have Spaziani to kick around some more. As the Eagles' recent draft fortunes have made clear, the cupboard is more or less bare. But there is a path out of the division cellar, and after last year any step forward under new coach Steve "Doctor Dive" Addazio should be applauded in the spirit of progress. Projected Record: 5-7 (2-6 ACC)

Q&A: Thatcher Demko, National Junior Evaluation Camp Edition | Conte Confidential

Conte Confidential chats with the potential heir apparent between the pipes at BC, fresh off of World Junior evaluation camp.