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Boston College Football: Preseason Depth Chart Released

Steve Addazio's preseason depth chart was released in the BC Media Guide. There are some surprises that may shock you...


The Boston College season is only four weeks away, and information about the upcoming season is flowing like the waters of Capistrato. Deep in the recesses of the media guide, Steve Addazio snuck in his preseason depth chart. It's pretty interesting, however it does not include any freshman and transfers like Matt Patchan. Let's dissect how the BC depth chart stands right now.


QB1: Chase Rettig
QB2: Mike Marscovetra or Josh Bordner

Given that freshman are off the list there is no surprise here. James Walsh and MacKay Lowrie might eventually be put on the list, but I wouldn't be surprised if we go into the 2013 season with Rettig/Bordner as number one/two. Also, Rettig please don't get hurt.

Running Back

HB1: Andre Williams
HB2: David Dudeck

FB1: Jake Sinkovec
FB2: Jarrett Darnstatter

Andre Williams is expected to get a lot of the snaps this year. Dudeck worries me. Spaz used him a lot last year as a RB after converting him from safety. I never saw a lot out of the kid, his hands were mediocre and he really struggled to shake tacklers. I'd expect Tahj Kimble or one of the freshman, either Tyler Rouse or Myles Willis to join AW on the depth chart come Week 1.

The full backs are what I would have expected.

Offensive Tackles

LT1: Dan Lembke
LT2: Dave Bowen

RT1: Ian White
RT2: Seth Betancourt

Ian White was arguably the most consistent offensive lineman Boston College played last season. I imagine, that if he stays healthy he will be starting. Left tackle appears to be just holding the slot until Matt Patchan is ready. I expect the transfer to be starting.

Offensive Guards

RG1: Harris Williams
RG2: Aaron Kramer

LG1: Bobby Vardaro
LG2: Paul Gaughan or Aaron Kramer

Williams and Vardaro got many of the snaps under Frank Spaziani, so I am assuming Addazio is keeping them at the top due to their experience. A little surprised that red shirted freshman Wins Homer was not on the depth chart. Maybe he pops up later in the summer?


Center 1: Andy Gallik
Center 2: Frank Taylor

I say this with all the respect in the world, but Gallik had a ROUGH 2012. Watching game film, you can see him get blasted by defensive tackles regularly and many of the hits on Rettig were on him. Could a new coach and scheme help him out? Possibly. Frank Taylor is a very intriguing option however if it doesn't work.

Tight End

Mike Naples or C.J. Parsons

Neither of these tight ends wowed me last year. There are other options in case Addazio wants to switch it up with sophomore Mike Giacone or Jarrett Darnstatter. Don't know if injuries are hampering Brian Miller again as well, as he doesn't make the two deep.

Wide Receiver

WR: Alex Amidon
Backups: Dan Crimmins or Harrison Jackson

WR: Spiffy Evans
Backups: Marcus Grant

Very interesting set up here. Gone are the three wide receiver starters on the depth chart that we had last year. Amidon is no surprise, and given the depth of WR honestly neither is Spiffy. Dan Crimmins is a massive target that could be useful given the other small wide receivers BC has. Marcus Grant, a transfer from Iowa, also is unproven, but may earn his way onto the charts. Joel Zoungrana isn't on the depth chart, which is interesting, because he was an early enrollee at BC and got lots of reps last year.

Defensive End

DE: Kaleb Ramsey
(Backup: Brian Mihalik)

DE: Kasim Edebali
(Backup: Nick Lifka)

The starters are the same as last year. The interesting change is that Nick Lifka has been moved from linebacker to defensive end. He has bulked up (over 280 lbs), so let's see if a change to a different position will help him make his mark on the Heights.

Defensive Tackle

RT: Connor Wujciak
RT2: Dominic Appiah

LT: Mehdi Abdesmad
LT2: Jaryd Rudolph

This is very interesting to say the least. Wujciak and Abdesmad were both defensive ends last season, which speaks volumes to the lack of depth BC has at this position. Also very interesting that he took the two position change players and had them starting over the experienced tackles. Also wouldn't be surprised if freshman Tevin Montgomery is thrown into the mix.


SLB1: Kevin Pierre Louis
SLB2: Sean Duggan

MLB1: Steele Divitto
MLB2: Sean Duggan

WLB1: Steven Daniels
WLB2: Michael Strizak

No real big surprises here. A little shocked not to see Tim Joy's name up there, especially after he was thrown into action last year after some injuries knocked the starters out. Steven Daniels is in line to finally get some major playing time, and he could be a huge surprise this year.


LC1: Manny Asprilla
LC2: Al Louis-Jean

RC1: Bryce Jones
RC2: C.J. Jones

FS1: Sean Sylvia
FS2: Justin Simmons

SS1: Spencer Rositano
SS2: Dominique Williams

A few thoughts here....One, I bet there is going to be a lot of gnashing of teeth that ALJ isn't listed as a starter. First off, he is coming back from a season ending injury. Secondly, it looks like this list just has a lot of Spaz starters near the top, and I would expect that to change as Addazio gets to know the players better. Otherwise this list looks unchanged from last year.

Special Teams

Not listed.