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Going On Break

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I leave you with Joe, Grant and the rest of the crew for the month of August. God help us all.


In an effort to prolong a college football season we didn't want to end as long as humanly possible, Jeff and I created this blog in December 2007 to debate all things Boston College athletics. The site has grown into much more than our initial site on Blogger and for that we have our talented writers, community members and readers to thank.

Other than for some significant life events - small things like marriage, kids, grad school, moves - I've been writing for this site nearly every day since December 2007. Coincidentally (or not), the decline of both Boston College football and men's basketball has happened during the BC Interruption blog era, so I suppose you have us to thank for that.

Anyhow, I need a time-out to take care of a couple significant life events that I'm happy to share in more detail once I get settled. So, I just wanted to give you all a heads up that I'm taking this next month off (more or less). I'll still be around. I'll probably still Tweet and may work in the occasional post but for all intents and purposes, I'm on vaca. This is me.


During the next month, you're in the highly capable hands of Joe Gravallese, who, along with Grant, will get you geared up for the coming hockey. A.J has got you covered for fall football and football media days, while Joe, Conrad and New Guy have your soccer (... soon ... very soon), basketball and baseball news covered, respectively. Basically, business as usual around these parts so you shouldn't want of Boston College athletics coverage. Plus, there's, you know, actual sports to discuss this month.

This is also a great opportunity to plug the FanPost and FanShot sections of the site. Want to take a shot at writing a blog post? Fire up a FanPost (which we can now feature on the front page of the site). Interesting link you think we should know about? FanShot that hot sports take already.

Reading this back this sort of reads as a goodbye. It's not that. I'm just going on break. See you in a month.

Go Eagles! Beat Villanova!