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Boston College Daily Links: Football Staff Heads on Retreat

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Good morning! While Brian is away for August, I will be posting the daily links and assuming some other editorial duties at BCI. Enjoy these fresh links with your morning coffee.

Jared Wickerham

BC staff heads on retreat (ESPN ACC Blog)

“We’re not taking a bunch of phone calls, other than recruiting,” Addazio said. “I get interrupted 17,000 times a day. I want to be completely submerged in football. This is a football retreat. We’re going to talk football, we’re going to go through program goals, we’re going to go through philosophies, we’re going to get up and we’re going to coach each other. There’s going to be fundamental technique coaching, there’s going to be schematic coaching. Get the rust off you a little bit, get language right, how you’re teaching. Is it good, clean, direct, concise teaching? We’ll self-evaluate.”

1. Is this an official "48 Hours" retreat?
2. It's hard not to get more and more excited for the Dazzler regime with each passing day.

Doeren, Addazio hope to elude ACC's busy "firing squads" (

"Although Doeren and Addazio said all the right things, smiled effortlessly and made favorable first impressions all around, the reality is that both men likely will be fired long before achieving any sort of lasting success. In the entire history of the ACC, only a few coaches have made harmonious exits."

Thanks for raining on the parade, jerks.

Former BC F Evan Ravenel signs to play in Bulgaria (Land-Grant Holy Land)

The former Boston College transfer will continue his career in Eastern Europe.

"Names I forgot existed for $300, Alex..."

How NHL owners can help grow the NCAA game (The Hockey News)
In the newest episode of "it's fun to spend other people's money," The Hockey News explores the idea of more NHL owners deciding to get in on funding college hockey the way Terry Pegula has at Penn State and Canisius.

Red on Black for a good cause (The Manchester Journal)
BC hockey alums Patch Alber and Stephen Gionta participated in a "Pro-Am" charity game for autism research in Manchester, Vermont over the weekend. Alber had a goal in the game. Harvard star Jimmy Vesey had a standout game, notching a hat trick and two assists.