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Boston College Students: Fancred Is Looking For College Ambassadors. You Game?

Social media app Fancred is looking for two Boston College students to become ambassadors for the app. Are you interested?

Earlier in the year both Brian, myself and a whole bunch of BC Interruption readers downloaded Fancred a new social media application available for the IPhone. In this app, you can post pictures, videos, comments, and interact with an ever growing community of fans from all around the world. Their motto is "Make Gameday Everyday", and believe me, the sports talk NEVER stops on Fancred.

Today we are looking for a few good Boston College students that would be interested in helping to build Fancred in the Boston College community. Fancred is rolling out it's College Ambassador Program, and needs three students to help spearhead this at the Heights. What is the Ambassador program you may ask?

Fancred will be selecting three passionate students at select universities across the country. Students will lead on-campus efforts, growing the Fancred community for their fanbase.

Fancred launched in March of this year with the mission to Make Gameday Everyday. Since then Fancred has seen tremendous growth, especially among college students. Now, Fancred wants to find the top fanbase in each conference across the country.

Each Brand Ambassador will be active in the Fancred app in order to build their school's Fancred community, provide support for fans of their school, and give weekly updates to Fancred staff.

If you are a BC student and want to be an ambassador for Fancred, simply apply here, and make sure to tell them AJ and Brian sent you.

If you haven't already downloaded Fancred and have an Iphone or IPad, head over to the App Store now and download it. It's free. After you do that, search for AJ Black and Brian Favat and follow us for even more Boston College news. There are tons of fans from Auburn, Mississippi State and other southern schools on here, we need to build up a great BC community there, because the app is very engaging. Believe me.