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Boston College Daily Links: Addazio Brings Fresh Energy To Boston College

Daily links for Monday, July 29, 2013


Reminder: BC Interruption and Blogger So Dear are raising money for the Greater Boston Food Bank. Every little bit helps and we can't let those Demon Deacons raise more money than us Eagles, now can we?

New football coach brings fresh energy to Boston College (
“The losers of the day, they’ve got a really bad ending, man,” Addazio said at the recent ACC Football Kickoff in Greensboro, N.C. “They’re doing up-downs every five yards for 100 yards. I mean, it’s ugly. The whole deal is to promote that you’ve gotta win. Losing’s not acceptable.”

BC's Rettig caps career full of change with more of the same (Fox Sports Carolinas)
"As bad as this sounds, there's an art to being sacked and there's an art to being hit. You can't fight it. You've got to let it happen," Rettig said. "I'm sure there were times when I was younger that I could have changed a protection or slid the protection one year or taken guys in different directions so that the chances for me getting sacked would've been a lot fewer. Now, I understand that."

season preview: Boston College Eagles (From Old Virginia)
Finding two ACC wins among Maryland, Wake, and Syracuse ought to be the goal; the rest of the ACC schedule is daunting. If they can do that and hold serve in the OOC by beating Army, Villanova, and NMSU, that's five wins. Where the sixth would come from would be a mystery; five seems like the cap and four seems just as likely.

Contenders & Pretenders in the ACC: Atlantic (From The Rumble Seat)
A team that can't run the ball (119th nationally in 2012) and can't score (111th nationally) is going to have a hard time winning games. It'll take a lot to get these guys to a bowl game. Verdict: Pretenders

Rankings: The top 30 starting goalies in the NHL (Yahoo! Sports)
13. Cory Schneider, New Jersey. Talk about a guard-changer. Schneider took over as No. 1 from Luongo in Vancouver last season, and now he’s unseating Brodeur in New Jersey. What’s next, chasing Patrick Roy out of Colorado and going behind the bench?

Phillips Andover junior Thomas Lane gives a verbal commitment to BC (Boston Herald)
Phillips Andover junior Thomas Lane (class of 2015) recently gave a verbal commitment to Boston College. The 6-foot-4, 210-pound right-hander from Georgetown helped guide his team to its second consecutive Central New England Prep Championship, while averaging two strikeouts per inning. Lane is playing for Legends Baseball, a team coached by Ryan Leahy.