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The 5 Most Troll Statements About Boston College Football

Look out BC fans, the trolls, they are a-coming.


Guys, get ready, troll season is upon us whether we want it or not. It may show up from Syracuse fans who come over to thump their chests in their new conference, or it could FSU fans who enjoy kicking a dog when it's down. Or it could come from a million other directions.

Last week Bucky's 5th Quarter looked at some of the trolling comments Badgers fans could expect in the 2013 season. Today let's look at some of the troll comments Boston College fans can expect this upcoming season.

5. Chase Rettig isn't a good ACC quarterback.

We have all seen it the past few seasons. Chase Rettig has the tools to be good, but against good defenses he has crumbled. But for those of us that watch the games we know that there is a solid QB in there, he just struggles when the front five is dominated game after game. This year he will still be expected to do a lot, but Steve Addazio has said over and over again that BC will be running the ball more.

Why this won't happen really? Rettig will be making far less throws, and will have a balanced attack to keep him on his feet. Less pressure, and Rettig should make panic less, force less throws and make more precision throws that he is very capable of doing.

4. There is only so much Don Brown can do, BC doesn't have the talent to fix their defense.

We are going to hear this a lot early this season. Analysts are notorious about using irrelevant data to make judgements about a team. Expect to hear a lot about how the BC D was near the bottom in all statistical areas last year.

Why this won't happen really? I honestly believe that the talent is there, pending Boston College can remain healthy. With some good coaching, I would expect Kaleb Ramsey, Malachi Moore, any of our linebackers, Sean Sylvia and Al Louis Jean to really have strong years in this system. Add in a rookie like Tevin Montgomery, and I see Boston College's defense taking huge strides in the right direction. Don Brown will have these dudes ready.

3. Steve Addazio is great on the recruiting trail, but stinks as an in game coach.

Florida fans just love to talk about how inept Addazio is in the game. There are even twitter accounts out there that mock his in game coaching (see: RunTheDive). I remember getting a text from a Florida fan the day BC hired Addazio saying "congratulations you got a great recruiter, but a coach that will drive you F***** crazy during the game"

Why this won't happen really? Something about Addazio this year strikes me as different coach than in years past. He has said already that he is putting most of the play calling on Ryan Day and Don Brown, which should add some wrinkles to the style he is accustomed to playing.

2. BC will not beat any Top 25 teams. They aren't good enough.

Boston College has a tough schedule this year, and a murderers row of opponents they will have to play including USC, UNC, Clemson, Virginia Tech, and Florida State. All but one of these games are on the road too, which is going to put Boston College as a sizable underdog going into each matchup. Expect lots of Spaz Era stats to come up.

Why this won't happen really? Look this may be one of the toughest troll statements to defend, but I am prepared to do it. There are some possibilities in there for BC if they play well and improve on both sides. First off, USC, always a media darling could be Top 25 by the time BC plays them. Not really sold on a QB that has only 3 games under his belt, and the coaching genius of Lane Kiffy-kins. UNC, VT (not sold on Logan Thomas) could also be beat. Who knows?

1. Boston College has ZERO chance of making a bowl game.

Yes, Boston College won 2 games last year, and we are going to hear about it all season. Unless BC wins 6 games in a row, you can expect them to be left off of basically all bowl projections. It will be a monumental turn around if BC can get to six wins, but don't expect anyone other than Mark May and BC fans to have faith it will happen for the Eagles.

Why this won't happen really? BC has at least three games they should easily win (Army, New Mexico State and Villanova). They have a handful of games they COULD and SHOULD win, including Syracuse, Wake Forest, N.C. State and of course sending Maryland off to B1G land with one more loss. That's 6-7 wins right there.