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ACC Conference Realignment: #ACCAdvice Twitter Highlights

A look a some of the great tweets that came out during today's ACC initiation.


Today is a monumental day in the conference carousel of realignment, as Syracuse, Notre Dame and Pittsburgh are all now members of the ACC. This morning, in a fog of pre-coffee and pure genius I decided to create a new hashtag for Twitter. I thought to myself, if I could give advice to a school new to the ACC, what would it be? Before I knew it, it had caught on with everyone from the ACC Sports Journal to a Butchery in North Carolina chipping in. Look at me!

In honor of all the hard work, here are some of the best #ACCAdvice tweets that were created today.

There were the usual digs at opposing fan bases:

An ode to everyone's favorite basketball coach:

Some very serious recommendations:

We keep expectations high:

And fair warnings:

And the real important issues were addressed: