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Over/Under Win Totals For Boston College's 2013 Opponents

Poor New Mexico State.


You'll recall that earlier this week, the offshore sportsbook 5Dimes released 2013 win totals for every BCS conference, including the ACC. On Friday, via Beyond the Bets, 5Dimes released the over/under win total lines for the rest of the FBS. And while schedule and schedule strength vary wildly across different programs, these early-season win totals provide us with a base level of expectations for each of Boston College's 2013 FBS opponents.

Here's the list of over/under win totals for each of the Eagles opponents in 2013, from least wins to most.

NEW MEXICO STATE: Over 2.5 (-120) Under 2.5 (-120)

Any program that brings on Spaz as an outside consultant is just asking for this, I guess.

ARMY: Over 4.5 (-110) Under 4.5 (-130)

/ checks Army's 2013 schedule
// begins counting probable wins ...
/// begins sweating profusely

SYRACUSE: Over 4.5 (-120) Under 4.5 (-120)

Thankfully we won't have to worry about discrediting any Orange bowl winning streak.

WAKE FOREST: Over 5.5 (-170) Under 5.5 (+130)

#BCvsWakeBingo gon b gud.

N.C. STATE: Over 6.5 (-185) Under 6.5 (+145)

Vegas, err, offshore sportsbooks encouraging the under for State isn't a great sign for a program that faces Louisiana Tech, Richmond, Central Michigan and East Carolina in non-conference play.

MARYLAND: Over 6.5 (-140) Under 6.5 (EVEN)

The Terps end their stint in the ACC with the same number of division titles as Duke, N.C. State and Virginia.

VIRGINIA TECH: Over 9.5 (+140) Under 9.5 (-180)

This one is a bit of a surprise, but there are a few prognosticators -- Phil Steele among them -- that are high on the Hokies in 2013. Plus 4 in the regular season win column year over year seems like a lot though with a game against Alabama in Atlanta and road games at two of the three other Coastal Division programs -- Georgia Tech and Miami -- likely to vie for a division title.

NORTH CAROLINA: Over 9.5 (+170) Under 9.5 (-230)

The bad news for BC is that the Eagles are the only program in the Atlantic Division pack of 'meh' -- BC, Wake Forest, Syracuse, Maryland, N.C. State -- that draws two of the top four programs in the Coastal. Wake gets Duke, Syracuse Pitt, Maryland Virginia and N.C. State Duke. The Heels remain the one program BC has yet to defeat in ACC play.

USC: Over 10.5 (+165) Under 10.5 (-215)

With games against UCLA, Stanford and Notre Dame, the under here seems like a pretty good bet. That is until you realize that the Trojans are playing an extra regular season game this year (13 games in total) under the NCAA's Hawaii Exemption.

CLEMSON: Over 10.5 (+165) Under 10.5 (-215)

5Dimes encouraging the over here is a scary proposition for a program that plays both Georgia and South Carolina from the SEC East in non-conference play this season.

FLORIDA STATE: Over 10.5 (+110) Under 10.5 (-150)

It wouldn't be June if there weren't lofty preseason expectations for the Florida State football program.