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Predicting The 2013 College Football Season: ACC Standings And Division Champs

Predicting a solid turn around for Boston College this season...


As part of SBNation's dedication to covering college football all summer long, the writers of the various college blogs were given the opportunity to predict the final conference standings. Brian gave me the opportunity to do the predictions, so I went ahead, thought it over and came up with the below.

ACC Atlantic

1. Florida State
2. Clemson
3. Boston College
4. N.C. State
5. Maryland
6. Syracuse
7. Wake Forest

Boston College third? Yes, Boston College third. There is so much turnover in this conference with a ton of new coaches and new quarterbacks. I think BC will benefit the most from all that with a solid QB and a coach NOT Spaz and sneak out with a few more wins then expected. It's a weak conference this year and I think the addition of a more aggressive defense under new defensive coordinator Don Brown and Chase Rettig being asked to do less should give BC the edge.

I look at the Atlantic like most pundits do, and see the division as incredibly top heavy. Could Clemson win the conference? With an offense that includes Tajh Boyd and Sammy Watkins that is possible. Could FSU's freshman QB lead to a loss that puts the Tigers in 1st? Absolutely. But it's clear that those two schools will be the class of the ACC and the rest will be in a completely different strata.

ACC Coastal
1. Miami
2. North Carolina
3. Virginia Tech
4. Georgia Tech
5. Virginia
6. Pittsburgh
7. Duke

Miami is going to win the conference, and Duke Johnson is going to be the reason why. Arguably the best running back in the conference, Miami should take advantage of a weak ACC (see the pattern here?). Again just like the Atlantic Division I see the Coastal as two groups of teams. There is the Miami's/VT/UNC's and then there is everyone else. After last year's regression I don't see Logan Thomas becoming an elite QB in the ACC, and that could hold the Hokies back.

Because I don't have an entire day to go through each individual conference, I just picked the winners for the remaining conferences. It would have taken me forever to pick every conference standings and frankly I don't know much about half of them.

American: Louisville
Big 12: Oklahoma
Big Ten Leaders: Ohio State
Big Ten Legends: Michigan
Conference USA East: East Carolina
Conference USA West: Tulsa
MACtion East: Ohio
Maction West: Northern Illinois
MWC Mountain: Boise State
MWC West: San Diego State
Pac 12 South: USC
Pac 12 North: Stanford
SEC West: Alabama
SEC East: Georgia
Sun Belt: Louisiana-Lafayette

Do your worst in the comments section.