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Boston College Daily Links: A D-Line Depth-Filled Conference?

Daily links for Thursday, July 20, 2013


Sizing up the ACC: Clemson just one in a d-line depth-filled conference (
12) Boston College – DE Kasim Edebali, DT Kaleb Ramsey. Outlook: Dead-last. 120 out of 120. That was BC’s rank in sacks last season. They return four of their SIX sacks from 2012 on the d-line, in Edebali (1.5), Brian Mihalik (1), Malachi Moore (1) and Jaryd Rudolph (.5). Nowhere to go but up I guess.

ACC Football Positional Rankings 2013: Running Backs (Atlantic Coast Convos)
13. Boston College Eagles: BC’s running game was a mess last year (just 90.5 yards per game), in part because of a pass-first offense the team did not have the personnel to run. But with Andre Williams returning, perhaps there’s a chance for a resurgence under Steve Addazio’s new run-first mandate. Though Deuce Finch is gone from the team, both David Dudeck and Tajh Kimble could build upon their cameo roles from last season and assist with a change in philosophy. With Williams being the only real speed back they’ve got, however, the burden will still very likely fall on him.

Vote: ACC's best running back in 2013 (ESPN ACC Blog)
Spring quote: "I thought Andre had one of the best springs of anybody," Addazio said. "The kid is a wonderful guy. I mean, he's bright and he's a terrific person. But I tell you what, he's powerful, he's fast, he's a physical back, and I think the complement of that style of back with the development of our offensive line and the ability to throw the ball with Chase Rettig is a nice little combination."

NUC Northeast: Feature - James Hendren - Coach Dave Schuman Presents (National Underclassmen)
One of the top offensive linemen in the country has committed to Boston College. The Massachusetts native said that he knew that Boston College was the right fit all along. "I always wanted to play there. It was always my first choice. I love the staff, and we have a great class especially in state," said Hendren. He's excited to show the talent that his home state has to offer, and looks forward to competing against some of the best competition in the country.

Ian Sistare believes he can be a leader for Northfield Mount Hermon (New England Hoop News)
Ervin has had a big summer as well, picking up an offer from Columbia. As for Sistare, he took an unofficial to Boston College. "It was really good, they actually offered me," Sistare said of BC. "I really like what they are doing up there. I'm looking forward to see what there future is like."

Kristie Mewis on Whirlwind Journey To NWSL (Nutmeg Incorporated)
"I’ve never been in Kansas City," said Mewis. "I’ve never been out there before, I’ve never stayed there before so I’m actually really looking forward to the experience of living somewhere where I’m not really that comfortable, where I’ve never been before. I’ve been in Boston my whole life and I’ve travelled out to LA for national camps, been outside of the country a bunch of times but I’m really looking forward to just trying something new and being in a new area, being in a new place with new players."

Field Hockey Adds Carolyn Malloy to Staff (
Boston College field hockey head coach Ainslee Lamb added Carolyn Malloy to the coaching staff as an assistant coach on Wednesday afternoon.