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BC Alumni Hold Twitter Q&A With Boston College Athletic Director Brad Bates

Brad Bates holds court on Twitter.

In his effort to continue to communicate with alumni and fans, Boston College AD Brad Bates took to the Twitter machine today to answer questions from alumni and fans. He talked about blogs, Jerry York, hair products and, of course, varsity men's lacrosse. Let's take a look at some of the questions the head man in charge answered.

Fake Baldwin asked him about his legendary hair and how he keeps it so pristine:

Of course our own leader Brian Favat chimed in a few times with some questions. The first about utilizing a dynamic pricing model to help improve per-game men's basketball attendance:

Brian also asked about the scary possibility of Jerry York **gulp** retiring

About the new Under Armour uniforms and what he envisions Boston College's uniforms looking like:

As you would expect, the topic of tailgating came up again and again. One of our biggest gripes has been that you can only get parking spots if you are a season ticket holder. Looks like that might change.

About the much talked about indoor practice facility.:

And the much awaited Brighton Campus baseball stadium?

And of course, the most important question of all. Longer tailgating.

Interesting answers all around by Bates. He was candid, showed a great sense of humor and didn't seem to shy away from the questions. I loved hearing that he has a master plan in place for most of the things we as BC fans have been clamoring for. Hopefully he will continue to dialogue with fans, but make sure to follow him @BCBradBates for more announcements. Thanks to @BCAlumni for creating that opportunity.