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Better Know Your Opponent: Villanova Quarterback John Robertson

As part of our Villanova week, we take a look at the sophomore QB.

Drew Hallowell

When you want to look at the success of the Villanova Wildcats, you don't have to look much further than their rising sophomore QB John Robertson. The Illinois native, was a 2* dual threat QB that chose Villanova over offers from UNH and James Madison, but oddly enough Rivals has Boston College listed as a school he had some interest in--though no offers.

2012 was a break out year for the red shirt freshman QB who was a five time CAA freshman of the week, but his crowning moment was when he earned the Jerry Rice Freshman of the Year Award, given to the top FCS player in their first year. Robertson is a dynamic player who combined for 27 touchdowns in his first year at the helm of the Wildcats.

Robertson is the FCS version of the quarterback that Steve Addazio is looking for to lead his offense. He runs a 4.6 40, and ran for almost as many touchdowns (11) his first year as he threw (14). He doesn't throw a lot of interceptions, only tossing seven last season, all which of came in four games. However he isn't going to beat you with his arm, which is more used as a deception for the run than anything else. He only threw for 200 yards or more 3 times last season, with his most impressive game coming against Towson where he tallied four touchdowns.

Where Robertson is going to burn you is with his legs. BC should expect for Villanova to run the ball ALOT. Robertson ran the ball over 10+ times in all but one game last season, averaging over 5.2 yards a carry. His biggest game came against Old Dominion where he ran the ball for 189 yards and three touchdowns. Even against Temple (their lone BCS team), Villanova still managed to gain 75 yards with Robertson.

Boston College is going to have their hands full against a quarterback like Robertson. My hope is that Steve Addazio and Don Brown are watching tape of Trent Steelman and Army from 2012 and saying to themselves "This is not going to happen again this season". The offense is different than Army, but if given space Robertson will cause all sorts of problems just like Steelman did last season. Mobile QB's gave BC fits last year, but this season should be a different animal so it will interesting to see what adjustments Don Brown makes to stop a QB like Robertson.

BC is going to need to cheat up and cause pressure up front, they should have the size to push around the Villanova line, and hopefully this will get to Robertson. Don't give him all day, force him to throw the ball, and Boston College should have success against this offense.

You can check out some John Robertson highlights around the :35 mark