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Boston College Football: Does QB Wes Lunt To The Eagles Make Sense?

The Oklahoma State transfer is keeping his options open, could he end up at Chestnut Hill?

Christian Petersen

One of the biggest transfer options this offseason is pro style quarterback Wes Lunt, who will be leaving Oklahoma State after his freshman season. Lunt, who started four games in 2012, finished the season with 1,108 yards, 6 TDs and seven interceptions. The reason for the transfer is reportedly due to a change in offensive style, with more of an emphasis on utilizing a mobile quarterback, and the naming of Clint Chelf as the 2013 starter.

In 2011 Boston College was in on the young quarterback, offering him a scholarship. However, it is unclear how the current regime would feel about him because it was Mike Siravo who recruited Lunt. Temple did not offer him. Lunt did visit Boston College in 2011, and maybe the new high energy recruiters could impress him enough to come play at the Heights.

Lunt has to be an intriguing option to Steve Addazio. BC is in need of a quarterback after this season, and getting a QB with some game experience would be huge. Getting Lunt would allow BC to get projected recruit Darius Wade ready, catch him up on the offense, and the speed of college football. Instead of having two freshmen battling it out for the starter spot, Addazio could plug in a guy who has taken college reps already. Then again, Addazio might have sold the "start your freshman year" pitch to Wade and honestly we don't want to lose him. He seems legit, and you don't want to be renege on promises this early in the regime. That sets a bad precedent.

But what about BC's need for a mobile quarterback, which many think is the hallmark of an Addazio offense? I think that is a misnomer as Addazio has gone after multiple pro style quarterbacks such as Trace McSorley and Caleb Henderson. Addazio has claimed that he can adjust his offense to the style of the quarterback just like what he is doing with Chase Rettig this season. Lunt would fit in well with the Rettig mold. If Addazio could sell to him that BC will give him the chance to throw the ball, maybe the sophomore would listen.

Again, there hasn't been any rumors out of Lunt actually being on BC's radar or the other way around. However, it is an interesting and intriguing option that Steve Addazio should explore.