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Boston College And The NFL Draft: Who Will Be Drafted In 2014?

Rettig, Amidon, Kevin Pierre Louis? Who do you see getting their name called next spring?


For the first time since 2005, the Boston College Eagles failed to put a player in the NFL Draft. Plenty of woulda shoulda coulda though with Chris Pantale, Montel Harris and Ifeanyi Momah all possible draft picks had they not been injured. Ifeanyi Momah also signed a pre-Draft FA contract with the Eagles so there's that, too.

But history probably won't look too kindly on this year's draft for BC and the talent that Spaz brought into the program a few years back.

Now we turn to 2014 and beyond to look at the next crop of Eagles that could potentially make it at the next level. As you look senior class, who's the next Boston College player you see getting drafted in the NFL Draft? Let's take a look at some of the options.

Chase Rettig (QB). The kid has gone through more than any college athlete should go through, dealing with multiple offensive coordinators, varying schemes, and getting blasted by a porous offensive line. And yet he continued to get up with a smile on his face. There are BC fans on this board that think Rettig will get drafted, but I just don't see it. This year about a dozen QB's were drafted in the entire NFL draft. Is Rettig a Top 12 quarterback? Unfortunately that is an emphatic no. He has decent skill sets, but in a league that is valuing speed and mobility, Rettig doesn't fit. That's not to say that pocket QB's are out, but there are plenty of other QB's who are more polished than Rettig (Bryn Renner, AJ McCarron and Aaron Murray just to name a few). Odds he is drafted in 2014: 5%

Kevin Pierre Louis (LB). KPL was a 4* recruit that seemed destined to follow in the line of Boston College linebackers such as Luke Kuechly and Mark Herzlich. Has he lived up to it? Not really. He has made some nice plays, and is a sound tackler, however a series of injuries and Spaz's conservative defense have really hampered Pierre-Louis's potential. With new defensive coordinator Don Brown's aggressive scheme, Pierre-Louis could be the player that benefits most. He is fast, and a very smart player, who could be given more opportunities to rush QBs and wreck havoc in the backfield. If he can stay healthy, this could be a breakout year for the senior linebacker. Odds he is drafted in 2014: 85%

Alex Amidon (WR). In a year full of low lights, Amidon was the one bright spot. He set records with his 78 catches and 1210 yards. Against even the best defenses, Amidon seldom disappeared, though his stats would be even more gawdy if there weren't a healthy dosage of drops in there. Fast slot receivers are a hot commodity in the NFL right now, and some sites have Amidon as the 16th ranked wide receiver in next year's class. He's small, but quick, and I'm sure NFL scouts are going to want to see another full year of solid results. It'll be interesting to see if his skill set has leveled off, or if he will continue to improve in 2014. Odds he is drafted in 2014: 60%

Andre Williams (RB) Williams has shown flashes of greatness, but just like KPL he too has been hampered by injuries during his time at the Heights. If Addazio is serious about implementing a strong running attack, Williams NFL stock could only rise. If he can show off flashes like he did against Syracuse in 2010, or the run against Army in 2012, scouts will pay attention. But if Williams is dragged down by injuries again, or if he struggles to shed blocks like we saw last year, then it might be a UFDA deal for Williams come draft time. Odds he is drafted in 2014: 30%.

Ian White (OG) White has the size and frame to be a NFL offensive guard, and any scout that watched the 2012 films will easily tell that White was the most talented player on the line last year. However it would be hard to overlook how poorly the unit played as a whole. I have a suspicion that this year will be a different animal for the line. While it won't be perfect, if the line can keep Rettig on his feet, players like White will have a better chance of being noticed. Odds he is drafted in 2014: 50%

Those are just my thoughts. Obviously I would love to see all these guys drafted and they all have a chance to turn it around this fall. Who do you think will be drafted next year?

Leave your thoughts in the comments.