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Boston College Basketball Schedule: VCU At Barclays, USC, Auburn, Providence And Harvard

VCU at Barclays and road games at USC, Providence, Harvard and Auburn dot the Eagles' 2013-14 non-conference schedule.

Streeter Lecka

The Heights Sports Editor Austin Tedesco has the scoop on some of Boston College basketball's 2013-14 non-conference opponents. Let's get to it.

Not two but THREE games in New York City next year? My heart just fluttered. Nevermind the fact that VCU is a solid club coming off its third straight NCAA Tournament appearance and fourth in the last five years. Well played, Donahue. Well played indeed.

Strong road non-conference lineup. Real strong. Football's game at USC is too early in the year for a football-basketball doubleheader so I'd imagine this will be later in the fall. A trip to Southern California more than fits into Donahue's recruiting strategy so this game makes all the sense in the world.

Regarding Harvard, I'd say the Crimson has earned a home game, wouldn't you? Glad to see Donahue do right by the program. It would be far too easy to keep the game at Conte citing seating capacity and attendance concerns (Lavietes Pavilion seats just 2,195). It's also not like Conte Forum has been good luck for the Eagles over the past few seasons or anything. Hopefully the change of scenery is good for the program.

I'm not a huge fan of putting this game on a neutral floor but it's better than NOT playing a game against the Minutemen. At the very least this will make UMass fans happy and we won't have to suffer through another season of listening to UMass fans go on and on about how BC is ducking the Minutemen.

Another solid move. In recent years, rivalry games against Providence or Holy Cross have been buried on the schedule over winter break which stinks for student interest and attendance. Starting the year off against a quality opponent will hopefully help the program avoid the extremely slow start in non-conference play as we've seen over the last two seasons.

All these games, coupled with a strong slate of conference opponents, has the Eagles schedule at about a 9 this coming year. Quite the improvement over last year's schedule -- I'll give it a 4. If these games get inked I'll be more than happy with the way Donahue has put together next year's slate of games.

The schedule seems more than appropriate relative to the expectations this squad should have going into the season.