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Boston College Athletic Department Salaries Rose In 2011-2012

Total compensation numbers for Steve Donahue, Al Skinner, Frank Spaziani, Gene DeFilippo and Jerry York.

Seriously give the guy a raise?
Seriously give the guy a raise?

The Heights Sports Editor Austin Tedesco dug up select Boston College Athletics Department financials from the University's Fiscal Year IRS 990 filing, showing that compensation for the department's highest paid employees rose for the tax year beginning June 1, 2011 and ending May 31, 2012.

Men's basketball coach Steve Donahue saw his total pay, including other benefits and compensation, rise 36 percent to $1,001,551 in 2011-12. The third year men's basketball coach reportedly made $735,184 in 2010-11. Base compensation rose from $687,010 to $927,541 last year.

The more interesting nugget from BC's tax return is that former basketball coach Al Skinner received $564,201 of "other reportable compensation" in 2011-2012, his second full season after being fired from the school at the conclusion of 2009-10 season. For those wondering why Skinner hasn't found another coaching job, part of the reason is that he doesn't have to. He's still being paid by BC.

Former football coach Frank Spaziani received a total compensation of $1,117,873 (with a base of $1,030,841), a 2 percent YOY increase. Former Athletic Director Gene DeFilippo took home total compensation of $631,918, a 7 percent increase. Finally, men's hockey coach Jerry York received a base compensation of $454,075 and a total compensation of $528,299 in 2011-12. York's compensation was not reported for 2010-11.

Per win:
-- Frank Spaziani - $279,468 per win
-- Steve Donahue - $111,283 per win
-- Jerry York - $13,760 per win and a National Championship

Now if we could just securitize Coach York's coaching performance and trade them on an exchange, we'd all be gazillionaires.