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Boston College Vs. Notre Dame In Ireland 2015?

Holy War on the Emerald Isle?

Barry Cronin

The next installment of the Holy War series between Boston College and Notre Dame is now set for the 2015 season in South Bend. Could the Eagles and Irish be talking about exporting their next meeting from South Bend to the Emerald Isle?

The website Irish Central reports that there is an effort to get both schools to play in Ireland in 2015.

IrishCentral understands that major efforts to get another Notre Dame game to Ireland are underway after the massive success of the 2012 game against Navy. A clash with their Catholic school archrivals would be an enormous draw in Dublin where both teams have played in the past.


Given the just announced schedule, the 2015 game between the two rivals would appear to be the best opportunity for an Irish game sources say.

When Penn State's Bill O'Brien floated the possibility of the Nittany Lions playing in Ireland, I was all for the Eagles squaring off against Penn State given the school's history with the Emerald Isle Classic. Even if it meant having less than seven home games that season.

This? I'm not so sure. The Irish's schedule arrangement with the ACC will likely force the cancellation of two of the remaining games in the two school's previously inked non-conference scheduling agreement (2016 and either 2018 or 2019). Going forward, BC will have just one road game at South Bend every six seasons, leaving entire classes without the opportunity to RV it out to the middle of nowhere Indiana for a football game. Would students get excited about the program mortgaging their only Notre Dame road game for a chance to see the Eagles play in Ireland?

On the plus side, a game like this would likely be well attended and it would give plenty of fans an excuse to make the trip to Ireland. This game would also likely be a Notre Dame home game -- at least I would hope -- meaning the Irish would return to Chestnut Hill in one of the 2017, 2018 or 2019 seasons.

Eagles-Irish in Ireland -- aye or nay?