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2014 College Basketball Bracketology & ACC Basketball Strength Of Schedule

What can Lunardi's WAY too early bracketology tell us about Boston College's schedule in 2013-14?

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

We are a little over a week removed from Louisville cutting down the nets at this year's Final Four in Atlanta. That can only mean one thing: 2014 college basketball bracketology! ESPN's Joe Lunardi is out with his way, way, way, way, way too early bracketology for the 2014 NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament.

Fun to debate because ... offseason, but ultimately pretty meaningless until we start playing some games. While Boston College doesn't make the cut, can Lunardi's early bracket tell us something about the relative strength of the ACC in 2013-14?

Per the current conference realignment, the ACC puts just three teams of 12 into the Field of 68. Add newcomers Notre Dame, Pittsburgh and Syracuse into the fold, however, and the number of programs that the conference will get into the dance doubles.

Here are Lunardi's early seeds in the ACC:

1. Duke -- because Duke
2. Syracuse -- bound to be in trouble with the NCAA again at this time next year
3. North Carolina -- because Carolina
4. Virginia -- defense wins top 4 seeds
6. Notre Dame -- because 6 vs. 11 upsets are the new 7 vs. 10 upsets?
8. Pittsburgh -- so. much. Pitt.

First Four Out - Miami -- from champ to NIT, Florida State style

For the second season, the ACC schedule will be 18 games in 2013-14 and BC is set to play both Notre Dame and Syracuse twice -- two of the teams in Lunardi's Field of 68. Without knowing the other two teams BC will play twice next season, it stands to reason that the Eagles will have one of the more difficult schedules next season. Of course, Syracuse and Notre Dame's schedules will be a bit tougher by virtue of playing a talented roster of juniors and sophomores, led by ACC Rookie of the Year Olivier Hanlan. So there's that too.

Which teams on Lunardi's way-too-early bracketology are over valued? Which ACC teams will make the Dance that aren't listed here?