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Boston College "The Last 5" Organizers To Hold Vigil On Friday At 4 PM

We decide when our marathon ends.


The organizers of Boston College's "Boston Marathon: The Last 5" event have announced that the walk originally scheduled for this Friday will be postponed to a date in the future. To respect the wishes of the City of Boston and the Boston Police, the event will be scheduled at a time more conducive to holding the event.

Instead, the group will be hosting a vigil on Friday at 4 p.m. on Boston College's O'Neill Plaza. If available or in town for the Boston College football spring game, hope you can get out to O'Neill Plaza on Friday afternoon.

The group is also encouraging other universities in the Boston area and around the country to hold vigils at this time in a gesture of solidarity. Schools interested in coordinating efforts can contact the organizers at BostonTheLast5 at gmail dot com.

Details about the rescheduling of the walk will come as plans develop.

At the appropriate time and in concert with the City of Boston, the event's organizers plan to hold the Boston Marathon: The Last 5 event.