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Boston College's 'Boston Marathon: The Last 5' Event Postponed

PPD, too popular.

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After surging in popularity, the organizers of the "Boston Marathon: The Last 5" event have postponed the walk after meeting with University officials.

"We understand the impact of yesterday's tragedy and the effect it has had on the city as well as public safety resources. With this in mind, we have decided that the original timing of this event would stretch the already exhausted personnel currently focused on the incident."

Danielle Cole, CSON '15 and Michael Padulsky, LSOE '15 created the event as a way of walking "for anyone who did not get to finish, for anyone who was injured, and for anyone who lost their life." In less than 24 hours, the list of people planning on attending grew from 4,500 to over 16,000 after several national media outlets picked up on the story.

"With additional time to plan, we are confident that the event will raise greater awareness and show solidarity within the greater Boston community," Cole said.

Meetings are being held to plan the logistics around the event. In addition, alumni groups in both New York and Los Angeles were looking into staging similar walks to honor the victims of the Marathon bombings.