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The Boston College Community "Decides When Our Marathon Ends"

For Boston.


In light of yesterday's horrific events at the 117th Boston Marathon, a group of Boston College students is organizing a walk to remember, honor and stand up for all those affected by the bombings. On Friday, April 19 at 4:30pm, students will walk from Boston College to Boston to honor those who did not get to finish, those injured and those who lost their lives.

According to the Facebook event page, the walk is to show everyone that "we decide when our marathon ends."

As of this writing, over 4,500 students have joined the Facebook event to walk the last five miles of the Marathon.

Boston College's Assistant Professor of Political Science Peter Krause also wrote a poignant and touching Letter to the Editor of The Heights calling on the community to respond to the attacks with renewed community spirit.

"People often ask me what average citizens can do in response to terrorism. Well, here is your answer: Make sure that next year's Boston Marathon has more participants and spectators than any other in history. The people who carried out these attacks must be tracked down and punished by law enforcement, but we as a society get to decide if the attacks have a broader impact. We get to decide if we respond to these terrible acts with fear and hatred or with renewed community spirit."

Krause, who admittedly hates running and has never run more than five miles in his life, vows to run in next year's Boston Marathon and raise money for those affected by the tragedy. I'm certain the Boston College community's response to yesterday's events will make the 118th running of the Boston Marathon the best one yet.

Ever to Excel.