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Introducing Fancred: A New Social Media Community For Boston College Sports Fans

Fancred, a new social media app dedicated to sports fans

Earlier this year I was approached on Twitter by a complete stranger named Landon Howell about some new social media opportunity he was building. Initially I wrote it off as just another sales pitch by some random internet dude and didn't want to bother responding. But out of the kindness of my heart I wrote back, and Landon started a conversation with me about this new social media app he was creating called "Fancred." He asked me just to try it out as a beta tester. So I did ... and I loved it.

Fancred is kind of like a Twitter / Facebook lovechild with a whole bunch of other cool features that help sports fans like us network and interact with only the people we want to interact with. Here is how it works.

Fancred believes sports fans deserve a better way to communicate, share, and experience sports with one another. You can follow your favorite teams and access the best commentary, videos, GIFs, and photos for that team you love the most.

Fancred score:

The Fancred score is a 1-100 point system that measures your activity and engagement as a sports fan. Increasing your Fancred is as simple as being a sports fan. Share your takes, check-in to games, participate in conversations, read and post articles about your teams, and build a following, The more active you are and the more others engage with your posts, the higher your Fancred will rise. Easy, right?

The app:

Every fan has a unique sports life worth capturing and sharing. AND IT IS FREE.

Both Brian and myself are on it and I can say that I am hooked. One of the coolest features is you can make a Boston College Football or Boston College Basketball feed where only posts about the Eagles are shown.

I am not writing this post to hock a site. I really like this and I want you to try it out because I think it will be a game changer in terms of social media sports discussion. However, we need to build a Boston College following on the platform. Right now schools like Mississippi State, Alabama and Auburn have massive fanbases, and the conversations they have are great.

If you have more questions, send the creators Michael, Hossein, Jeremy, Craig or Landon a message. By the way, I have met Landon a few times. He's a Alabama guy himself but is intrigued by the Boston sports scene so hopefully in the fall I will be taking him to a BC football game. Coming from the south is he going to be in for a treat or what?

So I highly recommend heading over to the iTunes App store and snagging Fancred right away. And make sure to add Brian and myself. We aren't hard to find.

Unfortunately, it's not on Android yet (and sorry 74 it hasn't come out yet for the Nokia flip phone).