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Tom O'Brien Is Better At Trolling Than You

None finer.

Streeter Lecka

To say that Tom O'Brien's breakups with his previous two employers were amicable would be a gross exaggeration.

Back in November, the 64-year old coach was fired at N.C. State after compiling a 40-35 record in six seasons in Raleigh. In January, O'Brien signed a two-year deal to serve as Mike London's associate head coach for offense and tight ends coach at Virginia. You'll recall that TOB previously spent 15 seasons in Charlottesville as OC and offensive line coach under George Welsh.

On Monday, O'Brien began the process of moving from his condo in downtown Raleigh to Charlottesville. When choosing between near identical moving services, TOB passed on all of them; instead getting some help from his new employer.

I can just imagine the scene. O'Brien seated across from Virginia A.D. Craig Littlepage, negotiating the use of the Virginia football equipment truck as part of his relocation package. As far as low gas mileage trolling moves against a former employer go, there may be none finer.

For a guy as boring as TOB, there is no finer troll in the business. Well played, good sir. Well played indeed.