2013 Combo Guard Darryl Hicks Commits to Boston College

Earlier today, the Boston College Men's Basketball team received a big commitment when guard Darryl Hicks of Shelbyville, Kentucky and Trinity High School chose the Eagles over offers from Florida State, Cincinnati, Western Kentucky and Florida International.

Hicks was described by recruiting services to be a very strong scorer. He's a solid shooter and has the quickness and athleticism to drive the ball to the rim. His defense is solid as well. Also, the fact that he can play both guard positions can really earn him time in Donahue's system, which is a guard-centered system that requires a lot of running and 3 point shots.

Hicks is one of those guys who really doesn't have a huge weakness, but of course he's not without his faults as a player. He seems to be a bit streaky as a shooter, and he's only an average rebounder.

What Hicks adds to this team is simple: depth. BC lost a lot of close games last year because they had their starters playing 35 minutes per game, and sometimes guys like Hanlan and Rahon had to play 40 minutes in a game. With Hicks added to the rotation, you now have a rotation of (assuming nobody leaves): Hanlan, Rahon, Hicks, Jackson, Heckmann, Dragicevich, and Owens at 3-4 guard spots; heck, you might be able to add Sam Donahue to that list if he's good enough.

Welcome to the Heights, Darryl!