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Boston College Daily Links: Women Prepare For Frozen Four

Bring it home, ladies!


Carpenter has more helpers at Boston College (
"I think we are similar," King Crowley said. "We’re in a unique situation where we don’t get to play each other very often, so these games are always fun and exciting. From what I’ve seen, I think we match up well against Minnesota; we are both pretty highly-skilled teams."

Can Eagles, BU break the ice? (Boston Herald)
A true team philosophy permeates BC’s lineup, with contributions coming from the entire bench. “We’re a much deeper team than we were last year,” said King Crowley. “We’ve had three and even four lines scoring at times, and scoring production from our defense as well.”

Don't Moralize the Hobey (College Hockey News)
Leave the police blotter out of the Hobey voting! A.k.a. vote for the Fighting [REDACTED]'s senior forward Danny Kristo.

RIT, Niagara to Play Outdoor Game in December (College Hockey News)
This is getting silly.

FOOTBALL: Learning The Ropes (The Heights)
"[There was] a lot of anxiety I would say, because everyone’s nervous," said rising senior linebacker Kevin Pierre-Louis. "Making sure they get in the right spot. I messed up a bunch of times at the beginning of practice which allowed me to correct them at the end of practice. Everybody’s just getting their nerves out right now and is excited for next season."

BC plans more aggressive approach on D (ESPN ACC Blog)
"Don’s got a tremendous amount of energy and you can see the way he interacts with the kids. I can tell the defense is going to be flying around, real esprit de corps, a real mind-set that we’re not going to sit back, we’re going to go after people and we’re going to do it with multiplicity as opposed to being locked in one front or one coverage. Will our personnel dictate some of that? Absolutely it will. But we’re not going to become a passive defense. That will never happen with Donny."

CBI Dreams are Dashed, Houston beats Texas 73-72 (Burnt Orange Nation)
I'm sure 16-17 Texas thought it would be a good idea to play in the CBI too.

New Mexico State Has a Canadian Pipeline (
The Aggies moving in on the Eagles Canadian recruiting pipeline?