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Boston College Daily Links: No MSG For ACC Tourney, Hanlan Adds Coaches ROY Honors

Daily links for Wednesday, March 20.

Can we finally put this to rest, you guys?
Can we finally put this to rest, you guys?
Debby Wong-USA TODAY Sports

The Leftover Big East Signs A TV Deal For Almost $1 Billion Less Than The One It Turned Down Two Years Ago (Deadspin)
The conference formerly known as the Big East new media rights contract is quite sad.

New Big East announcement coming tomorrow; Lots of ducks to be lined up (VU Hoops)
The new Big East is expected to announce a long-term deal with MSG today, crushing Pitt, Syracuse, Louisville and Notre Dame fans' dreams of an ACC Tournament at the World's Most Famous Arena. Oh well.

Hanlan Earns ACC Rookie of the Year Honor From Coaches (
BC's freshman point guard picked up ACC Rookie of the Year honors from the coaches too, receiving 10 of 11 possible votes (Donahue can't vote for his own guys). Sulaimon and T.J. Warren received the other two votes.

Infographics: Where Do High School Basketball Stars Come From, And Where Do They Go? (Deadspin)
Interesting article that attempts to find out where high school stars generally come from, and where they end up playing. Massachusetts doesn't register in the analysis but interesting to see how states like Indiana, Maryland, Virginia, Kentucky, North Carolina and Georgia fare; particularly with the ACC's footprint expanding into Indiana and Kentucky.

DeLoss Dodds on chance Texas plays Texas A&M: ‘We get to decide when we play again’ (The Daily Texan)
“If you walk through it, the Pac-12 truthfully has no place to go to pick up teams, except the Big 12,” Dodds said. “The SEC and the Big 10 can pick up teams but it's only probably the ACC teams, maybe the Big East. So they're the conference that could be under attack. And the alliance between the Big 12 and the ACC, I think, strengthens them. I think that the Notre Dames of the world, it would unite them a little bit, toughen them a little bit. Then I think it would be less likely that anyone could pick one of their schools up.”

Tennessee heavily pursues Stanton Truitt (ESPN College Football Nation Blog)
A Boston College football recruiting target. Perhaps the Eagles should try sending Truitt 200 letters.

Video: ACC's Atlantic Division darkhorse (ESPN ACC Blog)
Heather Dinich talks about the team with the best chance to knock off Florida State and Clemson in the ACC's Atlantic Division race. Spoiler alert: It's NOT BC.

Go O'Bannon, Go (mgoblog)
More on Ed O'Bannon vs. NCAA. I laughed at this: "He added Rutgers and Maryland for money despite the fact that 11 of the 12 fanbases in the Big Ten would rather boil themselves in oil than play those teams in anything. Once he is presented with the idea he might have to share some of his money, he threatens to take the whole damn thing out of the system, into another system that will be exposed to the same legal precedent that prevents you from outrageously sharecropping athletes."

Baseball's Home Opener vs. Northeastern Postponed (
The folly that is New England college baseball in March.