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College Football Coaching Job Rankings: Athlon Sports Ranks Boston College 68th

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Athlon Sports has never been a big fan of Boston College football and this week's feature clearly highlights their lack of respect for BC. In one of Athlon's features, they ranked all 125 college football head coaching positions. Athlon used a pretty convoluted system for ranking their schools, considering tradition, facilities, location and money. Most of all though, they simply asked themselves where they would want to coach?

Basically this entire list is based on Athlon's preference for a school and not on anything hard or concrete. Fair enough. So given their history of ripping on the Eagles football program, it was not a surprise that Boston College finished 68th.

Boston College was one of the most consistent programs in the nation from the late 1990s through the late 2000s, but times have changed and the schoool's northern location hinders its chances of a turnaround.

Because Boston College has never turned their program around after disastrous seasons before?

I get it. Frank Spaziani drove the football program into the ground. The first 30 or so programs ahead of BC are hard to debate. Programs like Florida, Florida State, Georgia and USC are clearly well ahead of Boston College. But you know what really grinds my gears? Some of the schools from 40 on.

67. Central Florida Knights
66. Houston Cougars
65. Washington St. Cougars
61. Kansas Jayhawks
54. Cincinnati Bearcats
52. Kentucky Wildcats
50. Colorado Buffaloes
48. South Florida Bulls
46. Maryland Terrapins
43. Rutgers Scarlet Knights

That is ten schools that either have no tradition at all, play in a lousy conference or are programs that are a complete disaster (Colorado/Maryland). There is no way UCF or USF is a better coaching position than Boston College, I don't care what shape BC is in right now. UCF is a Conference USA school that is transitioning to the ... Conference USA. The Knights are set to make $2 million dollar a year on the conference formerly known as the Big East's TV media rights. Compare that to the $15 million a year BC is making, and well the money doesn't line up at all. I thought money was one of the main criteria here?

In terms of conference security and financial stability alone, Boston College is in far better shape than any school in the Big East. And well Maryland, we all know how that school is doing.

Given the results of BC over the past two years, it is easy to dump on the school and the program. Boston College football is a mess after the past four years, but how is this program in worse shape than SEC punching bag Kentucky and Big 12 doormat Kansas? Neither school has had any recent success, minus a few years of Mark Mangino magic. On the other hand BC had almost fifteen years of consistent success that Athlon just chose to ignore in terms of program tradition.

Where do you think BC should fall?