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2013 College Basketball Invitational (CBI) Bracket Released

Boston College does not accept. Bryant tho.

Bryant tho
Bryant tho
Joe Robbins

With the NCAA and NIT field set, the College Basketball Invitational (CBI) was next to partake in the Madness. The 16-tournament field includes two major conference programs -- Texas (16-17) and Purdue (15-17) -- and two of Boston College's 2012-13 opponents in Charleston (24-10) and Bryant (19-11). However, the tournament does not include the Eagles, which declined an invite.

Here is the complete 2013 College Basketball Invitational (CBI) bracket:

George Mason (18-14) at Charleston (24-10)
Texas (16-17) at Houston (19-12)

Western Illinois (22-8) at Purdue (15-17)
Vermont (21-11) at Santa Clara (21-11)

Tulsa (17-15) at Wright State (21-12)
Richmond (18-14) at Bryant (19-11)

Lehigh (21-9) at Wyoming (19-13)
North Dakota State (24-9) at Western Michigan (20-12)

The tournament is re-bracketed after the Quarterfinal Round.

Last week, Donahue talked to The Heights about his decision to pass on this year's pay-for-play CBI; a decision I happen to agree with. Emphasis mine.

"I think every situation is different, trust me. I respect everybody and their reasoning at the time. I think we all have to think about what's best for us. It's right for some places. I just don't know if it's right for us. Pitt won [the CBI] last year, but it's up and down whether it really helps you. For every one you say that it really helped I can give you ones that don't. It's all about your mentality in the locker room at this point and if it's right for you. And I don't do a lot of thinking about it. I did my research a couple of weeks ago when I knew it would be something we were going to have to think about. Now we're hoping on going down [to Greensboro] and playing on a neutral court against teams that we played very well against this year and winning the games."

With the only other college basketball postseason opportunity, the Postseason Tournament (CIT), having a .500 or better record as a requirement, the 16-17 Eagles season comes to an end. We'll have more on season-ending thoughts on the basketball team later this week.