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Boston College Daily Links: Trophy Season Gets Underway

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The playoffs are here.

J. Meric

After wild finish, it’s playoff time (Boston Herald)
"Just because you beat a team in the regular season doesn’t mean that you get two free goals or two free baskets," said BC coach Jerry York, whose Eagles are three-time defending playoff champions. "It’s a fresh start."

Eagles in the NHL - 3/13/13 (
Updates on Eagles in the NHL, including the Montreal Canadiens' Brian Gionta, who registered five points -- two goals and three assists - in four games last week

Q&A: Haley Skarupa (Conte Confidential)
As the Eagles gear up for the start of the NCAA Tournament, Conte Confidential talked to Skarupa about the upcoming game against Harvard, life as a rookie, her early years in hockey and her experience playing abroad before college.

Michigan Girls Feature: Andie Anastos manages to stay focused despite busy schedule (
Read about future Eagle Andie Anastos.

How I learned to stop worrying & love ACC Tournament Thursday (
#goacc quotient: High. Boston College's Eddie Odio is all about the YOLO, while Georgia Tech's Robert Carter Jr. will be rocking the extra-medium jersey. If Adam Gold manages to stand next to Brian Gregory so we can see who is taller, it could reach epic levels.

Towson Baseball Players Blacked Out the School’s Name on their Uniforms After Baseball & Soccer Were Cut (The Big Lead)
If Boston College athletics ever does decide to cut varsity baseball, I hope they go about it better than Towson.

Boston College Places Third at Wood Trophy (
The Boston College Sailing Team placed third at the Wood Trophy this past weekend hosted at Connecticut College. The Eagles finished with a total of 80 points, trailing Connecticut College and Boston University, who tied with 76 points each.

Let's start a college football program: Where should we put it? (
If you could plant a new school with a football program anywhere in the country (or elsewhere!), where would you put it? It's not as easy to answer as it seems, since plenty of other schools have already had the same idea you just had. There are lots of college football programs in Texas already, I'm saying.