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2013 ACC Football Schedule: Syracuse, Duke Delaying Release Of Schedule?

I can haz 2013 ACC football schedule? No, no you may not.


Usually around this time of year, you can count on the annual ACC football schedule dropping, well ... any day now. Unfortunately the ACC's decision to move back to an eight game conference schedule leaves ACC newcomer Syracuse as one of four programs still looking for a final non-conference game in 2013.

"Syracuse needs one non-conference game and has the option of adding an FCS team. They have been in discussions with Old Dominion, but nothing has materialized yet.

This game, plus a date for Troy at Duke, are the only two games that are holding up the release of the complete 2013 ACC football schedule."

This isn't rocket science, Dr. Gross. Of the four programs still looking for a non-conference game in 2013 -- Louisiana-Lafayette, New Mexico State, Syracuse and Western Kentucky -- two, N.M. State and Louisiana-Lafayatte -- are in talks for a game on November 2.

By process of elimination, that leaves Syracuse and ... Western Kentucky. Like, math.

Any day now, Otto. Syracuse ... can't take these guys anywhere.

[NOTE: of the ACC programs to finalize the schedule after BC -- Duke and Wake Forest -- both got home games against FBS opponents.]