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Baltimore Ravens Coach John Harbaugh Tried To Land An Interview At Boston College

Not to pile it on, but ...


There hasn't been a whole lot of good news around the Boston College football program for, oh, say the last four years. So I feel a tad bit guilty about piling it on at this point. Anyway, here goes:

According to the Philly Daily News' Paul Domowitch, Baltimore Ravens head coach and Super Bowl champ John Harbaugh unsuccessfully tried to land a college head coaching gig in 2005 ... and 2007 ... and 2008:

They're probably having trouble believing it at Syracuse and Boston College, as well, two of the many places that thumbed their noses at the then-Eagles special-teams coach when he was looking for a head-coaching opportunity.

In 2005, he used every connection he had to try to get an interview at Syracuse. But the school was hell-bent on hiring another NFL assistant, Greg Robinson, who won only 10 games in 4 years before getting canned.

BC wouldn't even talk with him in '07, instead hiring Jeff Jagodzinski, who lasted only two seasons.

"I came in second for the UCLA job to Rick Neuheisel [in '08], and got close in a couple of other [college] jobs. But other jobs, I couldn't even get an interview," Harbaugh said.

"Wouldn't even talk to" ... a Super Bowl champion coach and the older brother of the guy that took over a 1-11 Stanford Cardinal program and turned them into one of the best programs in the country in just four years. Hindsight 20/20 and a real mother.

UPDATE: DeFilippo refutes the claim that BC didn't talk to Harbaugh. The former Athletic Director "interviewed him at a hotel in Philadelphia." He's "almost positive of that." Harbaugh didn't earn a second round on-campus interview, however.

Hat tip: Troy Nunes ...