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Where's The Syracuse Football Friday Night Home Game?

Hey Syracuse, I thought we were doing this thing together? What gives?


Back when the ACC announced it had renewed its TV contract with ESPN last May, there was a carefully worded statement about a commitment from Boston College and Syracuse to each host one Friday night game a year as well as an afternoon or evening game on Thanksgiving Friday.

Just one problem with that. The release of the 2013 ACC football schedule included just two Friday night games this year -- Wake Forest at Boston College on September 6 and Miami at Pittsburgh on Black Friday, November 29.

Hey Syracuse, I thought you were in on this with us? What gives?

No non-Saturday games at the moment but don't assume the door is closed on that. TV networks are going to dictate some changes and I could see one or two of those games moving to Friday night. Wasn't the BC game supposed to be a Friday nighter?

So are we doing this Friday night thing together or not, guys? Because if we aren't, I certainly don't want Boston College to be the only ACC program committing to hosting a Friday night game every year.

I suppose it is possible for ESPN to come back to Syracuse and move one of the Orange's Saturday dates back a day. But I tend to doubt it. That conversation will be a short one with Clemson. Wake Forest goes to Miami and Syracuse in back-to-back weeks so moving the Wake game seems to be out. Pitt hosts North Carolina the week before traveling to the Dome. Doubt that's gonna happen either. And BC, like Wake, has back-to-back road games at Maryland and Syracuse to end the season. I'm just not seeing where this third Friday night Syracuse home game fits on the schedule.

It's just too bad that Syracuse isn't hosting Maryland this season because that game has Friday night at the Dome written all over it.

While I agree that Friday night is now better than Thursday night, Friday night is still no Saturday. Getting to campus for Friday night games will be a chore for fans who live in Boston, let alone BC's rather sizable season ticket holder base in New York/New Jersey. Unless the opponent is a half-decent Alumni Stadium draw, plenty of people will stay away. You won't miss much, because the game will be on national TV. One less Saturday date also devalues a season ticket package that already has embarrassing little value this year.

Why does it feel like BC got stuck holding the bag on this one? We should probably threaten to leave the ACC for the Big Ten or something.