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BC Interruption Mailbag Submissions Request


We have quite the community here at BC Interruption. Commenters who have been here for years, and some welcome new additions that have really spiced up life around this section of the internet. In an effort to engage more with you all, we have decided to incorporate a new feature here that will increase your interactions with us, the losers that spend all day writing for BCI.

Here it is. The BC Interruption Mailbag. What is it? Glad you asked!

Each week, probably on a Sunday, we will leave an open thread for you to ask questions to us the contributors and editors of the site. To do this just simply leave a question in the comment section. In order to leave a comment you have to be registered to the site. Don't worry, we don't spam or do bad things if you do, and the SB Nation overlords would love us at BCI even more so.

Ask the question. Seriously, ask us anything. But make it interesting, asking such questions as "Why are you such a terrible writer" will most likely be ignored. However questions such as the following could be chosen.

-- Who will be the quarterback for the Eagles in 2014?
-- What is your favorite off campus dining establishment?
-- Best non-Conte venue to watch a hockey game?
-- Who would you like to see as the centerpiece of the
-- Will BC shootyhoops make the tourney next year?

Contributors will meet in one of their parent's basement and divvy out questions. Conrad will do basketball, Joe and Grant will duel over the hockey ones, I will do the football, and Brian/Jeff will take whatever damn question they want, because it's their site.

Thursday's we will roll out the mailbag. Each week, we will present the mail bag and you can all bask in our collective BC awesomeness.

Lather, rinse and repeat.

There it is. Now get cracking. What question would you like answered? Leave it in the comments!