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#2 Boston College Women's Hockey Slips Up in Vermont, Ties UVM 1-1

The tie likely ends BC's hopes of winning the Hockey East regular season title

Graham Beck, BC Heights Sports

In a shocking turn of events, the #2 BC women's hockey team could only muster a 1-1 tie at Vermont, currently languishing in 6th place in the Hockey East standings, in the penultimate game of the regular season. This means that in all likelihood, despite putting up the best regular season in program history (24-5-2 currently), the Eagles will miss out on the Hockey East regular season championship hardware.

In order to win a share of the regular season title, BC now needs BU to drop a point against woeful UConn, a highly unlikely occurrence. Of course, today's outcome was also unlikely, so you never know. In the grand scheme of things, this tie won't hurt too much, as BC is still very likely to lock down the #2 seed in the NCAA tournament barring some sort of catastrophic finish to the league season. But it's still rough to lose out on another winnable trophy.

So... what happened?

The two thoughts that immediately come to mind --- either that BC overlooked Vermont, or that maybe they got their hands on some of the Good Stuff they have up in Burlington --- don't really apply here, because BC put up an astonishing 54 shots, outshooting the Catamounts 54-17. Alex Carpenter saved the point for BC with a goal just past the 16 minute mark of the third period.

The only plausible explanation is that Tim Thomas's secret hideaway is as goalie of the Vermont women's hockey team.

Or maybe that BC was so concerned about making sure the Hockey East #1 seed was decided on the ice instead of by a coin flip that they decided to drop a point. Let's go with that.

The regular season ends tomorrow at 2 PM as BC takes on the same Catamounts in Burlington, hopefully this time with a better result.