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Boston College vs. Clemson: Eagles hold off Tigers rally, win 75-68

It looked as though it would be a nice blowout victory at home. But things are never that easy for this team. Fortunately, BC managed to hold on for their 2nd ACC win.

Bob DeChiara-USA TODAY Sports

The Boston College Eagles grabbed a 20-point lead in the second half. Virtually everybody on the BC roster was shooting the lights out and the Clemson Tigers looked ready to go home. But then Clemson decided to crank up the pressure. The scene was all too familiar for BC fans as the young Eagles started to crumble. The 20-point lead shrunk to a one point lead. However, that was as far as the Tigers got. Steve Donahue and company showed some signs of maturation and held off Clemson to come away with a 75-68 victory.

Joe Rahon was an absolute monster in this game. He shot 6 of 7 from three and scored a career high 26 points on just 12 shots. As a team, the Eagles were fantastic shooting the ball. They shot 11 of 20 from behind the arc and 57.8% from the field. Once they got to the free throw line, all of that changed. BC made just 12 of their 24 free throw attempts and that's a big reason why Clemson was able to get back into the game.

The defense was improved, in my opinion. Clemson made just 6 field goals in the first half, but turned it on in the second half. Although the Tigers were able to close the gap, it wasn't really because of a big defensive lapse for BC. Ultimately, Clemson just started making tough shots and BC kept turning the ball over.

The win gave BC its second ACC win and its first ACC home win of the season. I'll have the Good, Bad and Ugly analysis of this game up tomorrow.

Stat of the Game:

The Eagles assisted on 20 of their 26 made baskets. That means there was some great ball movement and decisive playmaking. Good to see from a team that appears to be making some positive strides.