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BC Hockey vs. UNH: Final Thoughts & Predictions

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The Eagles head into the break with a crucial home-and-home against the Wildcats.

Graham Beck, The Heights

So last week I didn't do one of these posts before the Holy Cross game, because it was Thanksgiving, and because I was tired, and didn't really feel like it. We all know how the game went. Sorry everyone. Back on track this week as BC heads into a crucial home-and-home with the Wildcats. This will be our last look at BC hockey for three weeks, and Friday night will be BC's last home game until January 10.

BC Roster Notes

Projected Lines



Billett in game one; Demko in game 2

Game Time: 7:00 PM both nights
TV: on Friday night; WBIN and Fox College Sports on Saturday night
Radio: WEEI 850 AM and

Record: BC is 8-4-2.... UNH is 9-7-1

Goal Differentials:
BC:59 GF (1st in HEA).... 36 GA (7th in HEA).... +23 (t-2nd in HEA)
UNH: 57 GF (2nd in HEA)... 38 GA (9th in HEA)... +19 (4th in HEA)

Last Time Out: BC suffered possibly their worst home loss ever, a 5-4 loss to HC. UNH swept Colorado College last weekend, 6-2 and 3-0.

Common Foes: UNH has played BC OOC opponents Minnesota (3-2 L), Michigan, twice (0-1-1 record), and RPI (4-2 L)

Storylines: Quite simply, BC is coming off two horrible weeks. The 5-1 loss at Maine was acceptable and easy to look past. The loss at home to Holy Cross, not so much. It's not "panic mode" - but if BC doesn't perform well this week it will be a major cause for concern. For UNH, their season is finally rolling in the right direction, with a 6-2 record in their last 8 after a 3-5-1 start.

One thing to keep an eye on is that based on the stats, you should expect two high scoring games. These teams are both near the top in national scoring, while down the bottom of the league in defense.

Fun Fact: Not really a "fun fact," but here's an excuse to watch the highlights of BC's 2008 Hockey East semifinal against UNH - probably the best and most memorable college hockey game I've ever been to.

Boston College defeats New Hampshire to advance to the 2008 Hockey East Championship (via Grant Salzano)

Players to watch: Kevin Goumas - not one of BC's favorite people - is off to a hot start (7-12--19). UNH also has two highly touted offensive defensemen in Trevor Van Reimsdyk and Eric Knodel.

Lingering Questions

Is BC in a funk, or was last week just a really unfortunate off night? Is UNH finally on the right track? Will either of these teams right the ship defensively?

Scoreboard Watching: Out-Of-Town Notes

It's a light weekend for Hockey East action. BU and Merrimack have an interesting home-and-home. Resurgent UMass-Lowell travels to Maine on Sunday for a pretty big game.

The Pre-Game Watering Hole

I have experience with two of the UNH area's institutions and had good experiences at both. Scorpions Bar and Grill, which I went to many moons ago on my first ever trip to UNH, is a classic college dive. Cheap food and beer and a relaxed atmosphere. Random memory from here that I'll always remember: watching Johnny Ayers hit a double off of Daisuke Matsuzaka in the BC vs. Red Sox spring training game, which was on NESN hours before that night's BC at UNH game.

More recently, I went to Wildcat Pizza, which is a pretty standard Greek pizza/subs/calzones place. It's solid.

This year, I'm skipping the UNH trip. I'm pretty much sick of the Whittemore Center, which is perfectly adequate but nothing special as a venue. I consider it a lot like Conte in that regard; they're both starting to show their age, too. Also, UNH's general-public fans are by far the most annoying in Hockey East. I much prefer BU fans at Agganis. Take that for what it's worth.


Joe Gravellese:

BC 4, UNH 1

BC 3, UNH 3

I think this will be a nice bounceback weekend for the Eagles and it will start with them tightening it up defensively. I'm looking for a defense-first performance at home, backstopped by a solid game by Billett. At UNH, the game will be a little more open and BC will come home with a point.

Brian Favat:

BC 3-1 at Conte
UNH 4-2 at the Whitt

Dan Rubin:

Did not send a score prediction because JFCNG

Grant Salzano:

Home -- BC 4 UNH 3
Away -- BC 5 UNH 3

AJ Black

Home- UNH 3 BC 2
Away- BC 3 UNH 2

BCI Prediction Standings

5 points for a correct prediction, minus one point for how far off you were from the victory margin. i.e., predicting a 4-goal win and it ends up being a 2-goal win = 3 points. Also, 1 bonus point for getting a team's score correct. Enter this week's contest by leaving your predictions in the comments.

Last week:

Maine 5, BC 1 (did not do a prediction game for HC)


Joe: Maine 3, BC 2 (2 points)
Brian: BC 3, Maine 3 (0 points)
Dan: BC 4, Maine 2 (0 points)
Grant: BC 5, Maine 3 (0 points)


Amy C: BC 3, Maine 3 (0 points)
Airforce987: BC 3, Maine 0 (0 points)
JPDot: BC 2, Maine 2 (0 points)
tommykay: BC 5, Maine 3 (0 points)
giantsfan428: BC 3, Maine 2 (0 points)

Well, I'm back on the board with 2 points by virtue of being the only person to pick a BC loss. Who says pessimism will get you nowhere?

Brian - 2.5 wins (Week 3 tie, Week 4, Week 6 1/2)
Joe - 2 wins (Week 1, Week 7)
Conrad - 1 win (Week 2)
Grant - 1 win (Week 5)
BCJacket5 - 1 win (Week 6)
AJ - 0.5 win (Week 3 tie)

Leave your thoughts on the BC-UNH series below and see if you can climb up the BCI leaderboard, to win all sorts of fabulous invisible prizes. Actually, you know what, I'm making up a prize, right now. The winner of the BCI prediction game for the season gets a 15 minute interview done by New Guy on BCInterruption Radio at the end of the season. Yes, New Guy, I'm committing your time and your studio technology without your permission. Go Eagles!