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Arizona 42 Boston College 19: Eagles Dominated In AdvoCare V100 Bowl

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Boston College overwhelmed in all areas of game

Crystal LoGiudice-USA TODAY Spor

Boston College was dominated in all areas of the game today as they dropped their final game of the season to the Arizona Wildcats 42-19 at the Independence Bowl in Shreveport, Louisiana. In their first bowl game in three years, Boston College's defense had no answer to Ka'deem Carey and BJ Denker who led the Arizona offense who totaled over 500 yards of offense. The other big story was the struggles of Andre Williams, who never seemed to get much going in the game, and scored a garbage time touchdown.

The game started with BC and Arizona trading turnovers, the first on a Chase Rettig interception that should have been caught by Bobby Wolford and the Cats on a fumble by Ka'Deem Carey. After the turnovers, the Wildcats drove 92 yards in four plays, capped by Carey's first touchdown the game. Boston College did a decent job moving the ball on the next two drives, with two field goals by Nate Freese. BC was moving the ball mostly through the air, with Rettig hitting passes on short and intermediate routes to Alex Amidon, and C.J. Parsons. But the couldn't cap off either drives with touchdowns.

That was the closest BC would ever get. Arizona would systematically score 35 unanswered points in the following three quarters and dominate BC in every aspect of the game. The biggest play that turned the tide was a Chase Rettig pick six by William Park that gave Arizona a 13-6 lead. BJ Denker hit some great passes to Trey Griffey and Nate Phillips, and the Eagles secondary made a series of blunders that either allowed huge catches because of blown coverages or missed tackles, or were called for pass interference because they never turned around. This happened numerous times.

On offense, BC couldn't do anything. Both Chase Rettig and Andre Williams looked really banged up, and the Eagles couldn't get anything going long on offense. Couple that with the Arizona offense scoring at will and that basically sealed it for the Eagles. Ka'deem Carey won his battle with Andre Williams, and the Eagle finish the season 7-6.

That is the end of the 2013 season for Boston College. Thank you to the team for an exciting team, it wasn't perfect for sure but certainly was fun. Now time to move ahead and get some more dudes in here to build for the future.

We will have a full recap tomorrow, make sure to leave your thoughts and comments below.