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Listen LIVE to the Advocare V100 BCI Pregame Show!

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We're live at 11:30 EST, bringing you up to kickoff.

Mark Konezny-USA TODAY Sports

A great show lined up for everyone. Be here at 11:30 AM as we take you right up to the kickoff call of the Advocare V100 Independence Bowl LIVE from Shreveport, Louisiana.

We've got guests scheduled, and we'll be taking your questions and comments in terms of discussing the matchup between the Eagles and the Arizona Wildcats in the first BC bowl game since 2010. Among the guests scheduled for call in are Kevin Zimmerman from Arizona Desert Swarm and Brian Favat from BC Interruption. Kevin will be calling in to discuss the Wildcats, while Brian will be out at the tailgate at the stadium to discuss the atmosphere and turnout by the BC community.

You'll be able to click below to listen, and be sure to join us for a few surprises along the way! As always, you can tweet me as your host of the show at Dan Rubin.

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