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Andre Williams Accepts Invitation to 2014 Senior Bowl

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#Andre44Heisman will be joining other collegiate stars on January 24th.


Andre Williams will have one more game after the AdvoCare Bowl. The Boston College senior running back has just accepted an invitation to the Senior Bowl according to the Bowl's Twitter account:

This will be yet another great moment not only for the fans and Boston College in general, but could help raise Andre Williams draft stock in the upcoming NFL Draft. The senior who won the Doak Award, and came in fourth in the Heisman voting, will be joined by a bevy of collegiate superstars including fellow ACC'ers Tajh Boyd, Logan Thomas, Aaron DonaldMichael CampanaroStephen Morris, Seantral Henderson and Kareem Martin.

You can find the entire list of invitees here.

Boston College did not have any players attend the Senior Bowl last year. The last Eagle to attend was defensive back Donnie Fletcher in 2012. The game will be a 3pm start in Mobile, Alabama and will be televised on the NFL Network.

Congratulations Andre!

Boston College Players Named To Senior Bowl:

1955 Frank Morze, T
1956 John Miller, T
1959 Don Allard, QB
1959 Allan Miller, RB
1962 Bill Byrne, G
1963 Harry Crump, RB
1964 Jack Concannon, QB
1965 Bill Cronin, E
1965 Jim Whalen, E
1967 Bob Hyland, G
1971 Fred Willis, RB
1973 Jeff Yeates, DL
1974 Gordon Browne, OL
1975 Mike Esposito, RB
1975 Al Krevis, OL
1977 Tom Lynch, OL
1977 Bob Watts, LB
1979 Fred Smerlas, DL
1980 John Schmeding, OG
1983 Jack Belcher, C
1983 Junior Poles, DL
1985 Mark MacDonald, OL
1987 Steve Trapilo, OL
1993 Tom Nalen, C
1995 Pete Kendall, OG
1998 Doug Brzezinski, OG
1998 Mike Cloud, RB
1999 Darnell Alford, OT
1999 Chris Hovan, DE
1999 Pedro Cirino, DB
1999 George White, DB
2001 Lenny Walls, CB
2003 Dan Koppen, C
2006 Will Blackmon, WR/CB
2006 Mathias Kiwanuka, DE
2006 Jeremy Trueblood, OT
2007 Josh Beekman, OG
2007 James Marten, OT
2008 DeJuan Tribble, DB
2009 Ron Brace, DT
2009 B.J. Raji, DT
2010 Matt Tennant, C
2011 Mark Herzlich, LB
2012 Donnie Fletcher, LB