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BC Interruption Radio: How To Listen

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Blog Talk Radio's latest addition debuts on Tuesday night at 7 PM EST!

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We are just under 24 hours from the debut of BC Interruption Radio - the latest addition to SB Nation's Blog Talk Radio network of podcasts. As such, we figured it might be a good idea to let you in on how to listen to BCI's BTR team.

For those of you with Internet connections, the easiest route will be to click on this link to the BCInterruption BTR page. Then just click on the link for our show scheduled for December 3rd.  You can also listen through the player embedded below.

But if you're traveling on the road or your kids commandeered the computer - or your wife simply said "ENOUGH!" when it came to BC athletics coverage because you dominated all conversation last week talking about Andre Williams, Chase Rettig, and how much you now hate Syracuse - you can absolutely call into the show. Since we only have an hour podcast, we will not be answering calls from listeners, but you can still use the call-in number to get the audio of the broadcast. That number can be dialed at (646) 200-0446.

While we will look into taking callers at a later date, the one hour block will disallow us from conversing with listeners due to time constraints. There's already a jam-packed hour talking about BC football and basketball. Still you can tweet questions to us by tweeting at the official BC Interruption Twitter page or at our own accounts linked below, and we will hopefully be able to get to questions towards the end of the show and throughout the broadcast.

AJ Black and I will take you home for the coverage in the first show, but stay tuned as we're already looking into ways that we can expand the show and grow it for you as we move forward with this awesome endeavor!

Let's go Eagles! We are BC!

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