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Join The BC Interruption Bowl Pick 'Em Challenge!

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Want another reason to get stoked during bowl season, check out this game


It's back for a third season, the BC Interruption Bowl Pick 'Em Challenge on ESPN. Think you know more than Brian and the rest of the BCI staff? Then prove it. Basically this is an easy game to join. Here is what you need to do.

1. Head over to ESPN and make sure you have a profile. If not, sign up for one. It should only take you about five minutes.

2. Click on this link. Hit join group entitled BC Interruption.

3. Make your picks, and rank them from 1-32 in your confidence ratings. If you are unsure of a matchup go low, if you think you know how a bowl will end, give it a high rating. Or if you are lazy or don't have the time, just make your picks and hit enter.

4. Voila. Done.

Unfortunately right now there are no prizes at this time, other than being able to brag that you beat us. Leave your entry name below and see if you can beat me and my juggernaut entry "Not Sold On Ryan Day". Also would be interested to see what you have as your most confident and least.

Good luck and godspeed!