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BCI Radio Live Thread

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Rubin and Salzano rocking your Internet radiowaves with legendary greatness.

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Tune in tonight at 7 PM as Dan Rubin and Grant Salzano host the BCI Radio Show. It'll be 60 minutes of taking the Internet to new Heights (see what we did there?).

We encourage questions and interaction as always through our comment thread down below. Feel free to tweet Dan and Grant on Twitter or just discuss our points in the comment section below. Have a question? Make sure to leave it below, and it'll allow both those of us on the air and those in the comment section to discuss as we do every week during basketball, football, and hockey live threads.

Tonight's show:

Boston College football: Andre44Heisman wrapup. We'll look inside the voting and analyze what BC's shortcomings in the votings were on a regional basis. We're also going to talk about the effect Andre's season will have on recruiting, what the future holds for the program, and what they're looking at as we head into the offseason.

Advocare V100 Bowl: The Arizona-BC game is something we've been discussing and will discuss at length on this website. But why not give it some discussion on the show? Grant and Dan break down the game, both team's keys to victory, and what the goals of the program should be heading in and coming out of the game.

Boston College hockey: Well that was quite the first half of the season. We saw flashes of the team's ceiling, but we also saw what could happen when they lost to Holy Cross (wait, what Holy Cross game? That game NEVER HAPPENED). Heading into the Three Rivers Classic, what does BC have to do to get back to form, and how will this tournament help them set up for the stretch run in the 2nd half of the year?

Boston College women's hockey: Hockey East is a two-team race right now. Coincidentally, those two teams will meet when play returns for the Eagles on January 8th. Even better, it's a BC-BU game. We'll share some hate for the game and get your geared up for the Battle at Walter Brown Arena.

YOUR QUESTIONS! We need to hear from you, talk to you in the comments, and discuss your thoughts. Whatever you want to talk about, let's make it an open forum. You ask a question, we'll answer it. Nothing is off limits. Well okay, some things are off limits. But let's keep it civil and keep it clean, and most importantly, let's have some fun with it.

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