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BCI Radio Show Returns TOMORROW!

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Just when you thought it was safe to listen to online radio.

It's THIS WAY to BCI Radio.
It's THIS WAY to BCI Radio.
Winslow Townson-USA TODAY Sports

The BC Interruption Radio Show returns tomorrow, and we have a jam packed fun show full of BC athletics up again for our second go round!

Join us at 7 PM on Tuesday evening for a night of BC Eagles talk. Dan Rubin and Grant Salzano will co-host the show, focusing this week on Andre Williams' Heisman returns and a look within how the voters did. We'll also look into a potential "Andre Effect" on recruiting for BC football, and we'll take a look at how Williams might effect expectations heading into the offseason and into next year.

From there, we'll switch gears and open the discussion up for questions from all of YOU! Throughout the show, we'll open up the discussion on the comment thread as we did this past week, but we'll answer each and every question that we can. While we can't have callers in as of yet, we are working towards that goal by having all of you tune in via a live feed on our BCI home page. We appreciate the patience as we work towards an effective call-in system, and we're excited to interact through the comment section as a temporary solution.

After some time talking about the BC football program, we'll get as cold as ice - ice hockey, that is. The BC men's and women's team are both in the midst of chasing national championship hopes and dreams, and with Grant in the house, why wouldn't we discuss the coolest game on earth? We'll reflect on the first half of the season for both the Eagles' men's and women's programs.

Once again, we'll open up the discussion for all of you to weigh in via the comments section so we can encourage interaction with us on the air. As time allows, we'll also weigh in with the World Junior Championships, thoughts on the NCAA college hockey scene, college baseball getting ready to get started back up, basketball - you never know what's going to come up on the menu!

Be sure to tune in tomorrow night as BCI Radio RETURNS!