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BC Interruption Radio Debuts This Tuesday!

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Online broadcasting reaches new Heights at 7 PM

Just when you thought the Internet had brought you everything.

Just when you thought you'd found everything you'd been looking for in Boston College athletics.

And just when you thought our weirdness couldn't get any weirder.

BC Interruption Radio will debut this Tuesday at 7 PM. For 60 minutes, with no commercial interruption, we'll be talking about Boston College athletics. It's all BC, all the time.

We have a great first show lined up for everyone, where we'll be discussing and breaking down the loss this past weekend to Syracuse. We'll also look at where BC could end up in terms of a bowl game, and we'll talk about how Andre Williams' injury and limited output against the Orange affects his chances at winning both the Heisman Trophy and the Doak Walker Award as the nation's best running back. And we'll wrap it up with a look at the Eagles' basketball team as they get set for their Big Ten/ACC Challenge game with Purdue on Wednesday night out in Indiana.

For more information about our show, click here to learn more!