Last week's "Hipster Heisman" has moved into the frontrunner position for voters looking to back a guy with impressive stats. By breaking through the sacred 2,000-yard rushing mark a week earlier than expected, Williams has the attention of the country as we see where he will fall among the all-time greats. His time in the spotlight will be brief, because Williams has accomplished this feat in steady fashion, just as Boston College has slowly rebuilt itself back from the pits of a 2-10 despair at the end of the Frank Spaziani era. If Williams rushes his average (188.45 yards per game), he will rank No. 4 on the all-time single-season rushing list behind two Heisman winners (Barry Sanders and Marcus Allen) and just ahead of a Heisman runner-up (Iowa State running back Troy Davis, 1996).

What is the Heisman? Table set for McCarron's Iron Bowl moment (