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Andre Williams For Heisman: Time To Break Precedent

Andre Williams really is the definition of a Heisman Trophy winner

Mike Stobe

Andre Williams winning the Heisman Trophy would not only be essentially unprecedented but really beyond the wildest dreams anyone could have been imagined when this season began. The last Heisman Trophy winner to have a similar pedigree (i.e. a team outside the top 25), was Paul Hornung at Notre Dame (only winner to play on a team with a losing record) in 1956, but that's Notre Dame and Steve Owens from Oklahoma in 1969 (the Sooners were 6-4 that year, but once again, it's Oklahoma).

When Doug Flutie won it in 1984, he was a Heisman Trophy front runner from the start of the season after finishing 3rd in 1983 and playing for a team that finished the regular season #8 in the country.   Matt Ryan was on everyone's radar in 2007 before finishing 7th to eventual winner, Tim Tebow, playing on a team that rose to #2, before falling out of the national title picture, along with Ryan's Heisman chances. Williams winning would come completely out of left field, not in terms of just the player, but the player in the context of the season. No one was talking Andre just a couple of weeks ago at all and now he is tied for third on the list of candidates.

To win it, in all honesty, he would need some serious help, but it's not something that is completely out of the realm.

If Jameis Winston finds orange stripes to his liking, A.J. McCarron throws a key pick as Alabama is upset on the Plains and Braxton Miller's season doesn't stand up based on how much time he missed, it would then be between the MAC guy in Jordan Lynch (7th in 2012) and Andre Williams. I like Williams' his chances.

Even if he doesn't win, just getting to New York would be the greatest infomercial in Boston College football history. Yes, I said history. When Flutie won it, there wasn't even a televised awards show and although I love Jerry York, on a national stage, what could be more important outside of playing for a national title than being a Heisman finalist?

The Heisman is not supposed to be awarded to the best player on one of the best teams, but if it comes to stats and team accomplishments, I would certainly stack what Andre has done up there with any of them. 2,000 yards and counting, all time ACC rushing leader, all time Boston College rushing leader and potentially one of the top handful of rush seasons in NCAA history. Some of the other names on the list are merely the most legendary players of all time -- Barry Sanders, Marcus Allen, LaDanian Tomlinson. Just think for a moment on the names NOT on the list. Names like Herschel Walker, Bo Jackson, Tony Dorsett, Andre has passed them all.

The definition of the Heisman shows as follows: The outstanding college football player whose performance best exhibits the pursuit of excellence with integrity. Winners epitomize great ability combined with diligence, perseverance, and hard work.

The definition above IS of Andre Williams. Oh and if you don't give it to him, he might go beast mode on you.

Go Andre, Go Eagles!